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Alerts sent by email, telegram or webhook
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Get alerts from any social network, forum or marketplace.

Why Choose Us

Why business prefers over traditional RSS feeds

  • Unlock Networks

    Get notification types not offered by social networks.

    eg. When topic is mentioned...

  • Custom Ai Filters

    Get as specific as you want using Ai prompt filters.

    eg. If they complain about...

  • Realtime Alerts

    Be first to find out, instead of hearing from others.

    Eg. When news outcome happens...

  • Scale Reliably

    Handles traffic spikes at popular times with 99.9% delivery rate.

    eg. 1000 alerts per second at 6pm


    Build your app or workflow via REST API, with no-code options available.

    eg. Zapier,, Javascript

  • Pricing Usage Based

    The most customer friendly pricing with no minimal monthly fees.

    eg. Starting from just $0.01/alert

Usage Based Pricing

Choose a plan that suits your needs
  • Usage Based

    Approximation Only
    USD $
    USD $
    • Plus $0.15/month per watcher
    • Price differs per Network
    • Billed in credits
    • See app for full pricing
  • Enterprise

    For large volume buyers
    • Starts from $3000/month
    • Engineering Support
    • Bulk Discounts
    • Contact us for details

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